Baby Bucket List – When you would stop time

4580 Ft

Imagine a poster, on which (intentionally not in a timeline, so that you do not worry when your baby has not done this or that yet) you can find each experience which you encounter together in the first few months, years. The experience poster is special, because it arrives almost empty, grey, so that you can discover and colour up your joint world together.

Size: A2


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When your baby arrives, in that moment your new, joint life starts, which will be full of adorable, moving, eyewatering, heartwarming, wonderful moments.

When you recognize this moment, you would like to stop time. So that you remember, you always know when it happened.

Remember the first smile. The first glance. The first play with Dad. The first kiss your baby wanted to give.

But you want to live again not only the memory, but the feeling as well. Because the first smile will be adorable. When the baby sits up, it is a phenomenal moment. It is a euphoric moment full of love, when your baby first says, still unclear, “Mom”. You are full of concern when they first use the swings, and the first selfie is really cute.

These are the moments when it would be good to stop time. Our baby bucket list does just this:

With it, you can stop time, and you will always remember.

Our baby bucket list poster is like this.


Baby Bucket List

We wanted you to find each experience yourself (you can find a lot you did not even think about). Therefore you can scratch it off (and you can discover the adorable drawing covered so far), and you will have to write the date to the joint experience: with this, you can stop time for a moment.

The special poster will be more and more colourful, more and more fascinating every day, while keeping the most beautiful, joint moments for you.

The poster is a super gift to pregnant women, or those, who have just had their baby. We recommend you to choose the scratch-off experience poster instead of the umpteenth dummy, funny baby clothes or dungaree, and surprise them with a real super present!

Tömeg 270 g


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